Text Review: Dan’s Take on “Gotham”

I recently watched the Gotham pilot, and since we’re not talking about it on the show, I might as well do it here.

I was actually surprised, since I really wasn’t expecting much. It was very atmospheric, and they really got the feel of Gotham City, not to mention it used new york as a backdrop. All the actors where really good, but props goes to Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue, who have great chemistry as Bullock and Gordon. I was a bit worried going in that they would try and stuff way too many batman rogues into it as possible, but they mostly are cameos, so it’s not a big deal (But the whole connection between Poison Ivy and the Wayne’s killer is fucking stupid and unnecessary)

The only problems were that it was a bit predictable, and the dialogue got really cheesy at parts, but it’s Batman, so it’s ok for the most part. Overall, if you’re a Batman fan and want some time to kill, go check out Gotham. My score is a 7.5/10.


Episode 21 – TMNT Fanfic feat. Team Triforce


Featuring our lovely friends from the Team Triforce podcast.
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Episode 21 – TMNT Fanfic feat. Team Triforce

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