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S2E6 – Flash Fanfic Apparently

oh my god.
S2E6 – Flash Fanfic Apparently

Original Fanfic Text

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Episode 4 – Day of Reckoning by ComicsNix

In celebration of our completing the original XTrilogy, it’s time for the two of us to take a look at some content that isn’t strictly “canon”. This is the first installment of God-Awful Fanfic.

Episode 4 – Day of Reckoning by ComicsNix

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If you want to read this literary masterpiece on your own time, the link follows:

Episode 3 – X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Concluding our reviews of the original XMen Trilogy, we discuss the movie that has inspired possibly the biggest fan reaction (for better or for worse) of the XMen Movie Franchise. This is the third installment of XMen Month.

Episode 3 – X-Men 3: The Last Stand

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iTunes Approval

Note: The Shazamcast has finally been officially iTunes approved! Now you can finally do all that stuff Leo says in the outro! Download us onto your iPods and into your brain-holes, subscribe, and please leave us a review on there. I doesn’t take long and it really helps us get the word out there about this show of ours.

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Episode 2 – X2: X-Men United

As part of our continuing X-Men Month saga, we delve into the second installment of the original XTrilogy… X2: X-Men United. Adding X to things doesn’t make them cool.

Episode 2 – X2: X-Men United

Episode on Youtube
Alan Cumming’s Outfit

Episode 1 – XMen (The First One)

To start off our show with a story arc, celebrate the release of XMen: Days of Future Past, and look back on a movie franchise that creates lots of mixed feelings in the comic community, we embark on the quest that is the Shazamcast’s XMen Month. This is our review of XMen (2001)

Episode 1 – X-Men (The First One)
Episode on Youtube