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S2E12 – Atonic Screwdriver (Fanfic) feat. Thomas Pflanz

The Shazamcast returns with Thomas Pflanz of The Teenage Critic to discover that some people watching Doctor Who lead to disastrous results.

S2E12 – Atonic Screwdriver (Fanfic) feat. Thomas Pflanz

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Episode 7 – TMNW by blackwolf1998wolverine

Our God-Awful Fanfic segment returns to conclude the Wolverine Spin-off section of X-Men Month. Get ready to dive right into a truly special piece of writing.

7. TMNW by blackwolf1998wolverine

Episode on Youtube

Unfortunately this brilliant piece of writing was removed from fanfiction.net. If you’d like to read it, you can download it via this link: Teenage Mutant Ninja Wolverine