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S2E7 – Halloween & Constantine

Things get a little spooky as we discuss this week’s insane comic film news and the recently aired Constantine Pilot episode.

S2E7 – Halloween & Constantine

Semi-Full List of Movies
Constantine Pilot
Age of Ultron Trailer
Age of Titanic/My Heart Will Ultr-on

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Episode 12 – Dark Phoenix Saga by …

X-Men Month is finally over, and what a ride it was. Join us this week as we read our last X-Fic, as written by an author who has grown to be very important to us.

Episode 12 – Dark Phoenix Saga by …

Episode on Youtube
Original Fanfic Text

Episode 10 – More X-Men Fanfic

On this God-Awful fanfic, Leo reads not one, not two, but THREE hilarious pieces of writing as Dan cringes and we both meander around for ages, yet still cut it off at 20 minutes.

Episode 10 – More X-Men Fanfic

Episode on Youtube

Episode 7 – TMNW by blackwolf1998wolverine

Our God-Awful Fanfic segment returns to conclude the Wolverine Spin-off section of X-Men Month. Get ready to dive right into a truly special piece of writing.

7. TMNW by blackwolf1998wolverine

Episode on Youtube

Unfortunately this brilliant piece of writing was removed from fanfiction.net. If you’d like to read it, you can download it via this link: Teenage Mutant Ninja Wolverine

Episode 5 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

During the X-Men trilogy, we kept talking about how good Hugh Jackman was as Wolverine. Let’s find out how we like him when he has his own movie. I mean, if you don’t count the X-Trilogy as three of his own movies anyway. This was a fun one.

5. X-Men Origins – Wolverine

Episode on Youtube

Episode 4 – Day of Reckoning by ComicsNix

In celebration of our completing the original XTrilogy, it’s time for the two of us to take a look at some content that isn’t strictly “canon”. This is the first installment of God-Awful Fanfic.

Episode 4 – Day of Reckoning by ComicsNix

Episode on Youtube

If you want to read this literary masterpiece on your own time, the link follows: