The Shazamcast is a podcast based around comic book and superhero movies. It is published in 35-45 minute episodes, each one focusing on a specific movie. The hosts of the Shazamcast are two young men from New York City, who, despite differing levels of knowledge on the subject matter, decided to start a podcast about superheroes.

DISCLAIMER: You do not need to watch these movies in order to listen to the show. It will enrich the experience, but it is not necessary.

Avatar Dan
Dan – The Veteran

Dan is the experienced comic-book nerd specialist of the
podcast duo. He is immersed in graphic storytelling culture and
basically just knows a lot of stuff. He is also a lego enthusiast, so
make sure to check out his flickr, where he posts a multitude of
cool superhero and non-superhero lego creations:

Avatar Leo
Leo – The “n00b”
Leo is the uninformed newcomer of the podcast, acting as the
voice of the audience that is not familiar with the original
comic-book content. He’s also the one who edits the show.
Besides cutting out awkward pauses and people saying “Um…”
he’s also an actor, a writer, and makes lots of Youtube videos.
Check him out at www.leolion.org

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